Get the message right

Understand what’s working (and what’s not)

Provide recommendations based on review of current content, call recordings, funnel metrics, and interviews

Develop messaging

Craft new messaging that drives sales momentum and conversations (e.g. first call deck)

Empower sellers

Interactive workshops, roleplays, and certifications to drive messaging adoption

Deploy a common sales OS

Determine your objectives

Understand sales goals and sales cycle characteristics such as deal velocity, win/loss, market segmentation

Select methodology

Select and tailor industry-proven methodologies (e.g. MEDDICC, Sandler, Challenger) to meet your objectives

Operationalize and enable sellers

Update CRM and up-skill sellers

Don’t forget the product

Highlight the product

Determine key points in the sales cycle where product demos are critical

Deliver the best demo, everytime

Create interactive story and value-based demos in digital format that can be shared with prospects before, during and after meetings

Measure and refine

Track demo engagement analytic to improve conversion

Systematically enable the team

Know exactly where the gaps are

Understand the skills gap that is needed for high performance

Prioritize and develop enablement programs

Build out targeted enablement programs in a way that’s repeatable and scalable

Train the trainer

Partner with your enablement team

Activate your leaders

Assess the leadership team

Leverage surveys (quant) and interviews (qual) to assess key leadership attributes

Facilitate in-person workshop

Intensive 2 day workshop leveraging proven approaches including 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, Radical Candor, and more

Reinforce and measure progress

Follow up coaching and quarterly assessments of key leadership attributes

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